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Patient Endorsements

"Dr. Le has been our family doctor for over a decade.  My father, mother, and I have trusted her with our health.  Now I consult her expertise for my children.  She spends time listening to her patients, cares about both their physical and emotional well-being, and offers alternative methods for treatments to supplement traditional medicine.  I always leave my appointments feeling confident in the level of care that I receive. Thank you Dr. Le."

Christy Filice Hanlon

"Dr. Le is an amazing doctor!  She recognized right away when I was having a severe health problem and got me help immediately.  She even visited me in the hospital to check up on me.  She's a wonderful person and a skilled doctor."

Stacy Petty

"I have been a patient of Dr. Thanh Uyen Le for 20+ years.  She is a wonderful medical and holistic doctor and goes beyond the call of duty to establish a deep personal connection with her patients.  She tailors her medicine to the individual and considers all options in healthcare."

Ellen Gibson, age 90

"I chose Dr. Le as my physician 21 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. She stood out to me as a unique doctor who had a balanced, holistic view of medicine.  She took the time that I needed during visits to answer my questions.  She delivered by first child and eventually provided heath care guidance to me, my husband and my 3 children. We feel blessed to have found her."

Michelle Donaldson



"I have seen Dr. Le for over 20 years.  She was caring and very helpful during both of my pregnancies, where she took care of me for my prenatal care and then delivered my girls without any complications.  I’m so blessed to have had Dr. Le be the caring doctor for me and my family’s needs.  She’s got the knowledge and experience to help you care for your family too."

Rania Musharbash

"Dr. Le was my daughter's pediatrician during the first year of her life. She was instrumental in helping us navigate important medical decisions as first time parents; she prescribed both naturopathic and allopathic treatments.  She is an incredibly caring, compassionate, and passionate doctor.  If you're looking for a doctor who thinks outside the box and cares deeply about her work, then look no further."

Kavita Ramani

"Doctor Le has been my doctor and my daughters daughter for 18 yrs.  She is very kind, loving and authentic.  She cares about her patients.  She looks you in the eyes when she talks to you.  She listens to you.  She looks at the whole patient for the underlying causes of the illness.  She recommends diet changes and natural supplements, yoga, exercise, chiropractic and other remedies before getting out the Rx pad.  She is a great doctor and a beautiful person.  I highly recommend her."

Debbie Wright Carter

"I would highly recommend Dr. Le; she is great at explaining the conditions and the treatments and will take time to answer all of my questions.  Dr. Le is quick to provide follow up and advise as needed. I’m pleased to have her as my doctor because of her non traditional approaches to healing techniques."

Thinh Pham

"Dr. Le has been my doctor for over 17 years. I am proud to acknowledge her skills and professionalism in giving me the best patient care possible during this time. She is warm, kind and most of all, she puts her patients first.  Visit her practice and you will see health in a whole new light."

Ayanna Davis

Dr. Le is the best doctor I've ever had. I can rely on her to give me both traditional and alternative medical advice. She has helped my family members and me get through all sorts of illnesses, accidents, and worrisome conditions, always providing reassurance and a calming influence. She also trusted my own understanding about my body and would give me treatment options that felt right to me--while always advocating for treatments she felt were necessary. I've been seeing her for more than 18 years.

Nina Amir

Professional Endorsements

"I am inspired by Dr. Le's passion and open-mindedness to go above and beyond western medicine to help her patients achieve a better state of health.  She is thoughtful, well spoken, calm, and has a peaceful demeanor."

Becky L. Wallin, MD, MPH

"Dr. Le is a remarkable human being!  As a clinician, Dr. Le's skills are exceptional.  She has a keen intellect and is an accomplished diagnostician.   She is widely known as the go-to person for questions about integrative and alternate therapies.  Patients  love Dr. Le!  She has a very loyal following."

Stuart Menaker, MD

"I have known Dr. Le professionally for over a decade.  In that time I have seen her handle a range of difficult cases that did not lend themselves to traditional protocols.  In all instances, she presented high levels of control and compassion for the patients.  I have found Dr. Le to be an extremely capable and caring physician."

Dr. Thomas A. Santucci, Functional Medicine

"Dr. Le has bridged the gap from traditional Western Medicine and Holistic Healthcare in our community.  Dr. Le is professional, ethical, intelligent, enthusiastic, easy to work with, warm, caring, and very friendly.   Dr. Le keeps abreast of all the latest medical research and developments.  Her patients have a better understanding of their overall health and take ownership as she continually educates them.  Dr. Le has a deep commitment to her patients, her practice, and colleagues."

Dr. Lisa De La Torre, DC

"Dr. Le is clearly the embodiment of an Integrative Health Practitioner.  She is thorough, detail orientated, and broad minded in her ability to search out the answers to her patients' medical problems.  She clearly goes the extra mile and is rewarded with patients who are very loyal and appreciative of her efforts.  She is that rare combination of a finely honed Western Medical clinician with an open-mindedness and capacity for holistic solutions.  I believe she would be a gift to you."

Adam Atman, LaC, MMQ

"Dr. Le has provided patients with compassionate, timely, open-minded care for years.  She is caring, attentive, solutions and patient orientated.  In this, her medical ethics become tangible.   She has great discernment."

Dr. Elize St. Charles, PhD, MBA, CNC, CTN, BBP

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